The Sixth Bugle Executive Assistant Leadership Conference

The Background

The Executive Assistant/Administrative Assistant (EA/AA) is an important asset to a fire department’s daily operations. The responsibilities vary and many times the EA/AA is the go-to person or hub who keeps the operation flowing.

​There is no rank for the EA/AA.  Firefighters earn bugles as they get promoted with the highest rank of chief having five bugles.  The EA/AA responsibilities are all encompassing from the entry level firefighter to the chief.  The EA/AA sees the growth and development of firefighters throughout their careers.  There have been chiefs, line officers and firefighters who realize the importance and value of the EA/AA and have commented that the position should have six bugles.

​The EA/AA position in the fire service is often overlooked when someone thinks of a fire department.  The EA/AA is a leader behind the lines.  The EA/AA is a leader in their position, a manager of multiple tasks and often referred to as the “gatekeeper”

​The goal of The Sixth Bugle is to provide training and networking opportunities for the EA/AA’s in the fire service.

​The majority of fire departments have one EA/AA and the best person to support and understand the challenges that are faced working in the fire service is another person with the same or similar responsibilities and working environment.

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