Proposed Increase to Annual Dues

At the October meeting, a proposal was brought up from the floor to increase annual dues in order to make them ‘all inclusive’ (include meals). The amount of a $50 increase per person was discussed and the members in attendance asked for a survey of all membership to give everyone an opportunity to express their thoughts.

Please either comment to this thread or email Chief Sabo [email protected] with answers to the following:
1. Do you support this proposal?
2. If you do support, do you agree with $50 annual increase or please suggest alternative?

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Concord Township

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7 thoughts on “Proposed Increase to Annual Dues”

  1. Am I missing something? Currently dues are $100. It is proposed to add $50 for all inclusive. Lets say the average lunch cost at $17. A member attends 10 meetings, That is $170 for lunches, costing the association all of that members 100 dues, plus the increase of 50 and taking the additional 20 out of current association funds. I doubt we could run our fire departments in that fashion very long. We certainly can use our funds better than benefiting ourselves to lunch. I vote NO.

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